BargainMe is a food outlet store that opened its doors March 2022 with a goal to provide cheap, cost effective products to the community. 

We sell short-dated, surplus and clearance stock directly from our suppliers at heavily discounted prices.

This process means our products are sourced directly for our local Linwood and greater Christchurch community. BargainMe is the first food outlet store of its kind in the South Island, marking our ability to provide cheaper food at affordable prices a truly unique one. 

BargainMe is a business focused on providing the everyday staples for whanau and members of our wider community at bargain prices. Our discount grocery supply ranges from dairy and frozen goods to meat, and just about every other item you may need to stock your pantry! Providing bulk product the most affordable way possible to all who need access is our way of doing business, we aim to aid families right through to large community organisations. Shopping with BargainMe means that you can feed a whole lot more for less. 

Your cheaper way to shop will also be having a lasting positive impact upon the environment. Grocery suppliers see a lot of food and packaging waste each year from surplus stock alone. BargainMe stocks end of line and clearance items so that they may be sold for a cheaper rate to shoppers who have a use for them. By shopping with us, you are helping reduce food waste and receiving greatly discounted products. 

This is a huge benefit to our suppliers and the community, while making environmental change possible through how we shop. 


A Better way to shop,
A Better way to save,
Better for the environment,
Better at BargainMe.